Why Pune is a bright spot in the IT Industry

Pune’s IT sector in a nutshell


IT and software companies in Pune, including giants like Persistent, Dell EMC, PWC, EY, and so on.


of Pune's GDP stems from the city's thriving IT industry


Annual revenue generated by Pune's IT sector


Pune’s rank among India's top 10 IT hubs
Nestled in the embrace of the Sahyadri mountains and adorned with a rich heritage, Pune exudes a distinct energy. This “Oxford of the East” has developed into one of India’s leading IT hubs, attracting multinational corporations, emerging startups, and a vibrant talent pool.

Pune’s Roots

Pune's journey as an IT powerhouse began in the late 1980s. The city’s legacy of education, with renowned institutions like Fergusson College and the College of Engineering Pune, laid the foundation for a skilled workforce. This, coupled with a liberal and entrepreneurial spirit, fostered fertile ground for the IT industry to blossom.

Pune’s Building Blocks

Pune’s IT sector is well-served by the city’s extensive network of expressways, railways, Pune Metro, and an international airport. Established IT parks such as Hinjewadi, Kharadi, and Magarpatta City offer high-quality office spaces, reliable connectivity, and modern amenities

Pune’s Rich Talent

Pune’s educational prowess continues to drive its IT growth. With over 50 engineering colleges and many IT institutes, the city generates a pool of skilled talent. Additionally, government initiatives like the “Skill Development Mission” and the “Maharashtra Information Technology Corporation” (MITCON) bridge the skill gap and boost employability.

Pune’s Geographical Edge

Pune’s proximity to Mumbai, India's financial capital, facilitates easy access to resources and talent. Professionals and businesses alike are drawn to Pune for its pleasant climate and lifestyle.

Pune’s Government Support

The Maharashtra government actively promotes IT growth through a variety of initiatives, including the Information Technology and Communication Technology (IT & CT) Policy 2020 and the Maharashtra Startup Policy 2018. These policies provide tax benefits, infrastructure support, and funding opportunities, thereby creating a conducive ecosystem for IT businesses.

Pune’s Flourishing Ecosystem

Many incubators along with angel investors and VC firms, provide crucial support to Pune’s budding entrepreneurs to foster innovation and fuel the next generation of IT leaders.

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